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Shaker Counter and Bar Stools


Canterbury Weaver's Stools The Shakers made high stools to be used as "work chairs" at their looms, desks, and ironing tables. The simple design, light weight, and sturdy construction of the Shaker ladderback counter stools we make are ideal for daily use at the kitchen counter. We make more custom, "built-to-order" Shaker Reproduction counter stools than anyone we know because our popular Shaker kitchen and bar stools may be made with seat heights between 24" and 32" to fit your kitchen counter or bar. Our affordable counterstools are a "must have" because we build them to last a lifetime.

Kitchen counters are typically 36" high and bar height counters are 42". We have found a seat height of 24 1/2" - 26" very comfortable for the 36" kitchen counter/island. For bars, we recommend 30" - 30 1/2".

YES .....We will also do seat heights to your specifications. Call us for more information. 800-780-6681 or click here for tips on "How to Order Counterstools"

The Shaker tape in the seat is 100% cotton canvas which means it wears extremely well and cleans up easily too. You may also consider protecting your chair seats with a seat cover.

Dimensions of all our Shaker Counter and Bar Height Stools are:

Height of Back: 41" Depth of Seat: (from center front to center back) 15" Width of Seat (between front posts): 17" Seat Heights : 19" - 34"

Our Recommendation for Seat Heights - We recommend the height that will work perfectly for you.

Skaer Chair Back Styles


Canterbury Shaker Weaver's Stool - Item #: CAN5X

The Canterbury Shaker Weaver's Stool is our most popular kitchen counter and bar height stool. The graduated slats are broad and offer chair-like comfort. The graceful oblong finial is very subtle and blends nicely with other furniture styles.

(pictured below: dark cherry finish, Solid Black Tape Seat, 26" High Seat,

pictured at island: custom light cherry finish, Medium Blue and Lite Blue Grey Shaker Tape, 30 1/2" High Seat)

Shaker slat back stoolShaker Canterbury Stools

Canterbury Stools

also available in cherry

 Enfield Shaker Weaver's Stool - Item# ENF5X

The Enfield stool is made just like our Canterbury stool. Not surprising since the Shaker craftsmen of the New Hampshire communities shared many of their building techniques with one another. The only noticeable difference is in the "flame" finial on the Enfield back legs.

Left - 25 1/2" high seat, custom cherry stain, Right - 31 1/2" high seat, painted black


(Shaker Stools)(shaker stools)

(pictured below 26" high seat, 5/8" olive drab green/butternut/black stripe Shaker Tape, Minwax Ebony stain)

Enfield Shaker Stools

Shawl Bar Stool - Item#: SBR5X

The "shawl bar" atop the back chair legs was originally added to rocking chairs by the Shaker craftsmen. The look was unique and interesting and soon furniture makers from the "outside" began incorporating the bar on dining chairs. We added the bar to our chairs back in the '80s due to increased demand from our customers. It's a nice look on dining chairs and it's still a functional element on the rocking chairs. It's nice to have a blanket or shawl handy on a cold winter's night! But we have to admit, the shawl bar on a counter stool can be very uncomfortable because the bar will be what your back leans into first. If you are purchasing a stool for looks alone, these are beautiful, but for everyday comfort, we just love the fit and feel of the other stools we make for the kitchen counter or bar height counter.

Left - 24" seat, custom cherry stain, solid cranberry tape, Right - 28" seat, custom cherry finish to blend with natural cherry wood cabinets, solid black tape

Shaker Shawl Bar Stool Shaker Stools with shawl bars


 South Union Counter Stool - Item# SUN5X

The first counter stools we made over thirty-six years ago were a reproduction of a South Union,Kentucky high chair.

Left - Oiled and poly on Cherry wood, 31" seat, solid black tape, Right - 25 1/2" seat, natural finish, dark blue and medium blue tape

Cherry Shaker Counter StoolSouth Union Shaker Ironing Stool

Below - Left - 26 1/2" seat, custom Benjamin Moore paint, medium blue and olive drab green, Right - 25" seat, custom Benjamin Moore, red and natural white tape

Painted Shaker Counter Stools

Shaker Style Counter Stools

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