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wooden jam spreader


The Perfect Spreader



Our trademark Perfect Spreader

was designed to empty jars of any shape, especially square jars where expensive jam or condiments can't be reached with a regular dining knife or traditional spreader.

What makes these spreaders so incredible is their shape. They are made from the same bent wood we use for our Shaker chair backs and that curve allows the spreader to go down the sides of jars easily and under the rim.


sold in sets of 3


Maple - Item#PSM - $12.50

Cherry - Item#PSC - $15.00


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Perfect Wood Spreader


The Perfect Tossers



The Perfect Tosser is not only great for mixing your salads but is an excellent tool for use with a wok and cooking in general because it has a straight, tapered flat edge.



sold in pairs

includes a

handwritten recipe


Maple - Item#PTM - $12.50

Cherry - Item#PTC - $15.00


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Perfect Wooden Tossers for salads and cooking


Spreader Tree-o



Our Spreader Tree-O are made from a selection of mixed hardwoods (cherry, maple, or walnut) and include one of our trademark Perfect Spreaders


sold in set of  3


Mixed Hardwoods - Item#ST - $12.50


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Mixed Hardwood Spreader Trio


Batter Beater



Our curved Batter Beaters are hand shaped and sanded from select hard maple or cherry.

You will love how well they will whip up your favorite dessert!



sold in separately

includes a

handwritten recipe


Maple - Item#BBM - $12.50

Cherry - Item#BBC - $15.00


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Maple Batter Beater
Carole's Recipes

Most of the handwritten recipes found  tastefully attached to our woodenware and boards are recipes passed down through generations of Carole Martin Timberlake's family and friends.

Miscellaneous Wooden Spreaders


made in maine by s.timberlake

Our eclectic collection of woodenware is handmade in Bethel, Maine from select hardwoods. You'll find our unique wood utensils....jam & cheese spreaders, batter beaters, our trademark Perfect Spreaders and Perfect Tossers and more, crafted from cherry, maple, birch, walnut, and other exotic woods. All woodenware made for use with food is food-safe mineral oil and world-famous Clapham's Beeswax.

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