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Shaker bedside , end, and corner tables hold our lamps, clocks, reading glasses, and a good book. The drawer is for the great memories.

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Shaker Furniture

Our Shaker Catalog includes the classic Shaker chair & counter stools, rocking chairs, bedroom furniture, desks, tables, step back cupboards, and more....

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Custom Furniture

We look forward to working with you and making that special piece of furniture that is built to last a life time and always look beautiful in your home.

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Showroom Store

Discover handmade, one-of-a-kind cutting boards, woodenware, and home accesories, popular gifts for any occasion. You'll find a challenging puzzle and a great mix of unqiue items for the home when you stop by.

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We are currently only accepting orders for Chairs and Stools

Shaker & Custom Furniture has been built by hand in our Bethel,Maine workshops and shipped worldwide since 1974. Our catalog of Shaker furniture describes our "most popular" pieces, prices, styles, and dimensions. These same pieces may be built larger or smaller, narrower or wider, and finished in most any color for the same price as our "standard" offerings, and on occasion, a little less. Call us with your next project and discover how affordable "handmade-to-order" furniture can be.


Totally Custom Shaker Counter stools


Shaker counter stools and barstools that are light-weight and built to last a lifetime is what we have made for homes across America for over forty-five years and here's why... Kitchen islands and counters can make life interesting once they're finally installed in your new home or remodel. You may discover the height has magically risen an inch above the designer's specs, the island could be Rhode Island, it's so unexpectedly large, and the colors of everything are just what you wanted, different...and then you start to wonder... where are you going to find stools that will fit and look like they belong there? Then once you think you have the "look" and size figured out...you start to wonder some more...will those stools fit the people who will use them everyday? What about the back height? The seat depth? The height of the footrest? Will they be comfortable for all the activities that will happen there, besides just grabbing a quick lunch?

You might also start to think it's just hopeless, you'll never find counter stools that will be just right for your kitchen and you'll have to settle for just anything. We're hoping you get to us before you get to that. We make Totally Custom Shaker counter stools. We have made hundreds of counter stools to fit and blend perfectly into kitchens of many different styles and designs. Perhaps what we do best is make stools that not only fit your home but your lifesyle as well.

When you call us with your ideas or project, we will walk you through our checklist to design and make the Shaker stool of your dreams to fit the home of your dreams.

shaker style counter stools  backless counter stools

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