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Fine furnishings to accent your home and our Shaker & custom furniture may be found in our Bethel, Maine showroom & store. We have enjoyed meeting the many craftsmen and their representatives who make and afford us products of exceptional value. You will find these beautiful and useful accessories for the home ready for wrapping and priced to save you money for other items on your holiday and gift-giving list. You may be surprised to diascover our collection of slightly used guitars hanging on our walls. We are support the arts in Bethel any way we can!

Timberlake's Handy Stands


Our one-of-a-kind Handy Stands will hold your Timberlake cutting board or tray, your cookbooks,  your ipad or tablet, your award for being you, your family portraits, and other stuff that needs a special place to sit and be found. All our stands are made with the same woods used in all our woodenware and furniture. Each stand is oiled, varnished, and polished to look great wherever you stand them.  Prices range from $55 - $95.00 - PLEASE CALL FOR INFO OF STANDS  IN STOCK

similar - $80.00

similar - $65.00

similar - $75.00

similar - $95.00

Porcelain Gardens Lithopanes
The Porcelain Garden Lithopanes We carry a wonderful collection of lithopane night lights and luminaires from The Porcelain Garden. What are "lithopanes?" The very first lithophanes were individually carved entirely by hand. But shortly after their introduction, the artists reasoned that molds could be made, from which numerous pieces could be cast. To produce these molds, a sheet of wax was placed on a piece of plate glass. This provided sufficient transparency for the artist's guidance. The full thickness of the wax on the glass stopped all light, and any scratch or gouge produced varying degrees of gray. Therefore, the entire range of shading from dark to bright was available for the skilled artisan to bring to life. (theporcelaingarden.com)

Kitten Dreams - Nightlight




Buddha - Nightlight


The Porcelain Garden Lithopane Nightlights

(from top) Dragonfly, Ballerina, Morning Run



Ballerina - Nightlight


Dragonfly - Nightlight


Misty Meadows - Luminaire


Woodland Sunbeams - Nightlight


Butterfly - Nightlight


Fairy Moon - Nightlight


Brent Rourke's Shaker Boxes

Brent Rourke's Shaker Boxes


We have been big fans of Brent's Shaker boxes for years. The skill of making these unique and useful containers may be very under estimated. The proof of a well made Shaker box is the perfect seam that joins the side to the base and the lid band to the lid. We think Brent executes this joint better than most. His wood selection is flawless, when blending cherry and birdseye maple, or in this solid birdseye maple or cherry pieces.

Birdseye Maple Shaker Boxes

Cherry Shaker Boxes

Shaker Knitter's Box with Lid


Shaker Divided Carrier

In Stock - Birdseye Maple


BRO1 BM - $35.00


BRO3 BM - $50.00


BRO4 BM - $55.00


BRO5 BM - $65.00



BRO2 C - $40.00


BRO3 C - $45.00


BRO4 C - $50.00


BRO5 C - $55.00



Cherry with Birdseye Maple Lid


BRO3 BMC - $45.00


BRO4 BMC - $55.00


BRO5 BMC - $60.00



Popular Oval Shaker Box Sizes


BR01  -  1 3/4" H x 4 3/4" L x 3" W

BR02  -   2 1/4" H x 6" L x 4" W

BR03  -   2 3/4" H x 7 1/4" L x 5" W

BR04  -   3 1/4" H x 8 5/8" L x 6" W

BR05  -   4" H x 10" L x 7 1/4" W

BR06  -   4 3/4" H x 10 1/2" L x 8" W

BR07  -   5 1/2" H x 11 1/2" L x 9" W

BR08  -   6" H x 12 3/4" L x 10" W

Shaker Birdseye Maple & Cherry

Jewelry Box - $95.00


Timberlake's Serving Tray


...breakfast in bed, a midnight snack, movie night, game day, afternoon tea.....impress your sweetheart, your mother-in-law, your unexpected guests....do all of these things with one of our beautiful Serving Trays. Made from select cherry, purpleheart, walnut, or curly maple, all our trays are one of a kind and all are about 14"W X 22"L and all are $145.00 - $165.00 (includes shippping)

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