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Reseating Chairs with Shaker Tape

Reseated Shaker chairs

Reseat your Shaker chairs or any "rung constructed" chair with durable Shaker Tape. Our cotton Shaker Tape has a nylon inner core which provides strength and longevity. The Shakers used "webbing" as a standard seating material around from the 1870's on. The first tapes, or "webbing" was wool and cotton was added for strength. By the early 1900's the webbing was made of cotton. The tape we use is somewhat "light fast", but with any dyed cotton product, frequent, direct sunlight will accellerate its fading. We have seen our personal chairs fade over the years and we delight in the attention they receive from collectors who assume they are "original" Shaker chairs. It is our experience that our customers will be very concerned about the wear, tear, and spills their new chairs receive but after a few months, they likely become the functional fixtures we build them to be and only occasional cleaning with a commerical, over-the-counter carpet shampoo product will be required.


How Much Does It Cost To Reseat My Chairs with Shaker Tape Webbing?


We charge by the inch so to determine the cost of reseating a chair we take two measurements: side - between front and back chair legs , front - between the front chair legs, add the two numbers then muliply by $2.25. The total is the cost of reseating a chair in a "standard" basketweave pattern with one inch Shaker Tape. For example, the chairs shown at left (S.Timberlake South Union chairs, circa 1977), recently reseated for a Vermont Couple, would cost $74.25 for the arm chair, $67.50 for the side chair. Reseating also includes replacing the padding with a new foam pad, 1 1/2" thick.

Shaker Tape Colors

How to Reseat Chairs with Shaker Tape

reseating instructions
restored and reseated chairs

Our customer found these chairs on the side of the street waiting to be hauled to the dump. They were a mess! The finish had been worn off, rungs were either loose or unattached, and the seats were shredded fibre rush.

reseated shaker rocking chair

The black rocking chairs below were a restoration project for one of our customers who decided not to do the seat weaving themselves. We understand completely.  It's always difficult to determine how long a project will take to complete until you're right in the middle of it and there's no turning back! We were happy to help restore these rockers to daily use.

This shawl bar rocking chair was built by one of our friends and competitors but when the owner saw our video on "Weaving Shaker Chairs with Shaker Tape"

and they gave us a call to reseat the chair.

reseated black rocking chair
reseated rocking chair

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