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Shaker and Custom Furniture




handmade in the USA

Custom Stools

made in maine by s.timberlake

You really don't think of a stool as a necessary furniture item in your home until you have one and you discover you are using it all the time for a variety of reasons: resting tired feet, raising feet because the doctor recommended it, exercising, standing on to change a light bulb, or for helping a child help you bake a wild blueberry pie or roll out the pizza crust. Stools can be a handy place to pull on your boots in the winter and a place to set a bowl of popcorn on movie night. We make tiny stools, narrow stools, extra wide stools, stools with Shaker tape seats, wood seats, rush seats, and we make these durable stools to be kicked around for years.


























 Custom Shaker style

Counter Stool

Specified by Home Studios in Brooklyn, NY.,we made 22 of these beautiful barstools for Barano, 26 Broadway Brooklyn, NY.


Back Leg ht.: 44 1/2”  Seat ht.: 30 1/2”

Width: 19 3/4"   Depth: 15 3/4"


 Custom Counter Stool


























Total Custom

Counter Stool


 Back Leg ht.: 35”  Seat ht.: 26”

Ht. of back - seat to top of back posts: 9”

1 - 4” wide slat - bot. of slat 3 1/2” above seat

Width: 18 3/4"   Depth: 14 3/4"


Totally Custom Counter Stool