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We hope the information you find on this page will help you select furniture for your home.

If we cannot make the furniture that you need, we probably know someone who can.

Either way, we'd like to assist you in finding the right furniture for your home and family

that will fit your needs and budget.


How to Order Shaker Chairs & Counter Stools


Step By Step Ordering Instructions


1.) Select the Shaker Chair Back Styles














2.) Select the ITEM NUMBER from the Shaker Ladderback Chairs, Shaker Paddedback Chairs, Shaker Stools, or Shaker Rocking Chairs page


3.) Select your choice of STAIN / FINISH (shown below) or email us for more information


4.) Select your choice of one or two colors of SHAKER TAPE (please feel free to request samples when you order)


5.) If ordering stools, please tell us your counter height, measured from the floor to the TOP of the counter to select a seat height between 20" - 32"


6.) CALL (207) 593-6882 To Place Your Order By Phone





 Shaker Chair Options & Upcharges1" wider & deeper: ADD $20.00 PER CHAIRPainted/Custom Stain/Standard Seat:ADD $25.00 PER CHAIRStandard Stain/Seat Pattern:(Herringbone or Diamond)ADD $35.00 PER CHAIRPainted/Custom Stain/Seat Pattern:(Herringbone or Diamond)ADD $50.00 PER CHAIRCherry Chair: Add $125.00 PER CHAIRRush Seat: Add $90 PER CHAIR DIAMOND PATTERN   HERRINGBONE PATTERN             










How to Order Beds


Questions that we will ask our customers when they place their order are:

What is the size of the mattress you will be using?

Will mattress have a boxspring?

Desired height of mattress measured from floor to top of mattress

Will their be any storage space requirements under the bed?

Typically, S. Timberlake builds beds that have 1/2" - 1" of space between rails, head and footboards and the mattress. This allows for bedding and any irregularities in mattress or boxspring. We use the sizing below as our guide.


Note: Some manufacturers may be reducing these "standard" sizes. Understand the exact size of the mattress you decide to purchase and how fitted sheets may not fit correctly on non-standard sized mattresses.

FITTED SHEETS: Please note that mattress depths vary widely by manufacturer. Measure the depth of your mattress before purchasing sheets. Standard and older mattresses average 9-12", while newer pillow-top mattresses are 14-16" deep and up. These deeper mattresses will require additional depth in fitted sheets. FLAT SHEETS: If you own an extra-deep mattress, be aware of flat sheet sizes as well. Choose the largest sizes available so there will be an adequate length to tuck in at least 8-12" underneath the end of the bed. In some cases it may be necessary to purchase the next size up (a queen flat sheet for a double bed, etc.), in order to cover the deeper mattress.


Mattress Size

Width (in Inches) X Length (in Inches):

Crib Baby bed 28" X 52"

Twin Single 39" X 75"

Twin X-Long Extra Long Single 39" X 80"

Double Full 54" X 75"

Queen Queen 60" X 80"

Standard or Eastern King King 76"-78" (widest) X 80"

California King Western King 72" X 84" (longest)


Sheet Sizes

Crib 28" x 52" 42" x 72" n/a

Twin 39" x 75" 66" x 96" 20" x 26"

Twin X-Long 39" x 80" 66" x 102" 20" x 26"

Double 54" x 75" 81" x 96" + 20" x 26"

Queen 60" x 80" 90" x 102" + 20" x 30"

King (Standard/Eastern) 76-78" x 80" 108" x 102" + 20" x 36 to 40"

California King 72" x 84" 102" x 110" 20" x 36 to 40"



How to Order Casework


1. Space and Function - Whether you have limited space or a room the size of a small gymnasium, it is important to determine how that space will be utilized to fit your lifestyle. A large table in the middle of a vast dining room may be wonderful.... until it's time to dust and clean! Using space effectively will help you live more comfortably and appreciate the stress-free nature of your surroundings. It is also a good idea to consider the uses for the furniture in a room before heading to the furniture emporium. Purchasing a buffett for a dining room only to fill it with things that belong elsewhere is something we all could do. But if that dining room piece is only intended for special silverware and place settings, a side table with two drawers will be more than adequate and significantly less expensesive.


Determining Space

The example below shows what type of considerations one should make in finding a piece of furniture to fit a space. In this example, the space is between two windows and there are a number of things to keep in mind: elevations on the walls of art work and utilities service, architectural elements like window trims, sills, and baseboards, and heating or air conditioning sources.



Using the example above, furniture pieces the homeowner may consider are: a small table or chest with four legs and one to four drawers or a chest with a plynth base that elevates the cabinet and clears the height of the baseboard so the cabinet may be flush to the wall. These furniture pieces will act as sideboards for the small dining room.

Consider these elements, space and function, and then consider the style and design. Style? Design? Sounds complex? Yes, but simply put, you want something that looks good, fits in the space you have, and serves the function you want. For assistance on design, give us a call or email us your questions, plans, photos, or quote request



Canterbury Finial
Enfield Finial
Enfield, CT Finial
No Finial - Shaker Style
Shawl Bar Back
South Union Finial
Shaker Tape Samples
Wood stain samples

How to Order Tables


Perhaps one of the first things to consider in ordering a table is the room size, how often the table will be used, and what the primary purpose of the table will be. We suggest you try to leave 24"- 42" between your table and the walls for traffic flow and allowing people to sit or exit their chairs. It's also a good idea to measure table-to- other furniture clearance as well. If there are other pieces in the room, measure your traffic area from the edge of the furniture instead of the wall. Considering the space and your needs will help select the style of table that will work best in your home.


When measuring for occasional tables, consider first how it will be used, and then, how you live and what style, design, and size will work best for you.


Shaker Dining Tables
Occasional Tables

How to Care for Your S. Timberlake Shaker Furniture


We believe furniture should be used for the purpose it was made for: a chair for sitting in, a table for putting stuff on, and cabinets to stuff things in. No one wants to be a slave to their furniture. There are just too many other things in life to be concerned about then a stain on a chair seat or a scratch on a table top. Life happens and when it does, don't panic! We use a hard, waterbased poly/acrylic topcoat on all our furniture that is easy to maintain by wiping spills off with a damp cloth, buffing surface scratches off with 0000 steel wool, and applying Old English Lemon Oil (available at most hardware stores and home centers) according to the directions on the label. Taking care of the cotton Shaker Tape seats on our chairs is easy too. We find most of our customers worrying about having "fabric" on a dining chair. We ask,"Do you have fabric on your sofa? The one you sit on for movie night and the Sunday game?" Spills happen there too and what do most of us do when they happen? Unless it's a quart of soda, probably not much. We dab the Pepsi, salsa or tomato sauce off with cold water on a cloth or sponge. That's what we suggest for our chairs too. If you want to make them spotless, we suggest using Resolve upholstery or carpet cleaner to remove the worse stains or for general, annual cleaning.

If you have questions about caring for our furniture, please call us at 800-780-6681 and we'll share what we know about what has worked for us for the past forty years of using the furniture we make.

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