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Refunds & Returns


Original Owner Warranty

Within the first year of use in your home, we will accept for return furniture we have built that is defective and does not properly function for the use intended at time of purchase. Return the product to us and we will take every step necessary to resell your furniture online and in our showroom so as to refund the purchase price of the product, less shipping charges (does not include the original shipping costs and return shipping cost). If we cannot resell your furniture within one year, we will refund the cost of manufacture of the item.


A full refund will be issued for an item damaged in shipment if the damage is determined to have been caused by the shipping company. You must contact us immediately if you discover a damaged item. PLEASE TRY TO SAVE YOUR BOXES OR CRATING MATERIALS IF YOU NEED TO SEND SOMETHING BACK TO US AND FOR FILING DAMAGE CLAIMS.


 Our "new" Shaker furniture is made to look old. You may find marks from scrapers and gouges, a nick or dent here and there. This should be expected as we do not produce furniture that is perfectly shaped and assembled with high tech CNC machinery, thus not allowing Nature and our human imperfections to show.  Therefore, all furniture is shipped as our first quality and as ordered by you according to the information you have provided us. Because we work in the imperfect medium of wood, we cannot foresee or guarantee exactly what the wood will look like in terms of grain and how it will definitively accept a stain or paint, nor can we predict with absolute accuracy that wood movement may result in stress at joints and elsewhere which may show splits or cracks in the wood over time. We will no longer accept returns of items we have stained or painted in colors and shades not described or ordered as our "standard stains." You will find these stains on our website at "Tape Colors and Stains."




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