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Shaker Tape, Seat Options, and Wood Stains

The Shaker Tape we use for the seats of our Shaker chairs is made of durable 100% cotton. We have been using Shaker tape in our chairs for forty-two years and we can say from experience that you will enjoy many, many years of daily use with this material and with a 1 1/2" of poly foam sandwiched in our seats, you just cannot beat the comfort compared to wood, iron, or plastic seats.


We stain our maple products to blend easily in your home with your existing furniture and interior designs. When you place an order with us we will send you wood samples if necessary to help you visualize the stain tone in your home.

Shaker Tape

Chair Seat Options

We offer several options for the seat material in our Shaker chair seats for those who might not want the easy maintainence and long-lasting Shaker Tape: "Seagrass" and "Fibre Rush."

The Fibre Rush used  in our chairs is a common replacement for original twisted cattail reed which is what one may find on antique chairs over a hundred years old. Natural cattail reed is difficult to weave and very expensive which is why we use the high quality, twisted kraft paper fibre rush and twisted seagrass. Both are very durable. Weaving the chairs with fibre rush or seagrass is the only part of the chair making process we don't do in our Bethel. We are thankful one of the best craftsman in Maine specializing in this work does them for us at The Craftshop of Maine in North Windham.

Pricing for either Seagrass or Fibre Rush


Product s - #7 and #7H - $70.00

Products - #2A, #2X, 2XX and 5X - $90.00

Products - #9 and 9X - $120.00


S. Timberlake Chair Seat Options

Wood Stains