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Donating To A Shaker Community


It has been our tradition for many years now to encourage our customers to join us in "giving back" to the legacy that has brought us so much inspiration as human beings and craftsmen. Over the past decade we have afforded our first time customers who purchase our "standard" Shaker chairs a "savings" on their first purchase and we tell them why this savings has importance to us. We believe the restoration of the Shaker communities as historical, cultural, and spiritual landmarks is a worthy and necessary cause. The on-going educational programs offered at many communities are rich in content and need support to continue. It is for this reason that the delivered price of our Shaker chairs includes a calculated savings based on the actual cost it takes to make and ship our chairs and remain your source for the best Shaker chairs made in the USA.


We have always been hopeful that our small effort would resonate with our customers in such a way that they would be compelled to sit down and write a check. Unfortunately, we suspect that is not the case and that could be disappointing if we did not realize that in this day and age, "giving" is something we are less likey to do unless the need is so apparent it cannot be ignored. It is perhaps our own need, as makers of furniture that accentuates the Shaker's designs, to show our appreciation with the hope their legacy will serve to inspire future generations. So when you order any of our Shaker chairs, rocking chairs, and stools, don't be surprised if we suggest you make a tax-dedutible donation to the Shaker communities listed below with the savings we afford you. You'll be glad you did and we thank you.


                                                                                                               A Kind Letter from The Shakers at Sabbathday Lake









































Shaker Communities


The Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill, KY


Enfield Shaker Historic District - Enfield, New Hampshire


Canterbury Shaker Village - Canterbury, New Hampshire


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Letter to S. Timberlake from the Shakers at Sabbathday Lake

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