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Shaker Furniture Catalog. Classic Designs Made to Order & Shipped Worldwide since 1974.

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 Enfield Shaker Stools

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Shaker Chairs


One of the most recognizable chairs

in the history of American furniture



Shaker Chairs

We make over seventy different sizes and styles of the Shaker chair, including reproductions of chairs originally made at four of the Shaker communities.

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Shaker Rocking Chairs

We learned our craft many years ago when we were asked to repair an original Shaker rocking chair. What we discovered can be found in any of the many styles and sizes we make today in our Bethel, Maine workshops.

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Shaker Stools

Our Shaker counter & bar stools are made to fit your life style as well as your kitchen. You will be happy to discover why "custom" in our workshop doesn't mean expensive.

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Shaker Utility Stools

Shaker Utility Stools make great extra seating and can be used as coffee tables with our large Cut n Serve boards. They are great footstools and best of all, children love them!

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Shaker Tables

Solid top dining tables or ones with drop leafs or extension leafs, occasional tables, coffee tables, and bedside tables in any shape and size, work tables and game tables made to your specifications in your choice of woods. Wonderful!

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Shaker Dining Room

The furniture we will make for your dining area is inspired by the Shaker craftsmen who made casework and cabinets for the specific needs of their communities. We make cupboards, hutches, sidetables, and buffets to fit in your home and provide storage for coffee makes, punch bowls, and your collectible china. Functional, beautiful furniture made from spectacular wood is what we will build for your home.

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Shaker Bedroom

The beds, dressers, armoires, bedside tables, blanket chests, mirrors, and dressing tables we make from the finest hardwoods available will provide you with a good night's sleep and you'll always find a missing sock.

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Shaker Desks

Tell us everything you need in a desk for your home and office and we will build an exceptional piece of furniture that will take the stress out of number crunching and remove the anxiety of writer's block!

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