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Shaker Chairs are the most recognizable Shaker furniture items

reproduced in maine by s.timberlake

Shaker chairs were the only furniture pieces made by the Believers of The Second Coming for sale to the "outside" world. When one hears the term "Shaker furniture", most people think of the iconic Shaker chairs, recognizable by their graceful, simple, and unadorned lines.

We are proud makers of these beautiful examples of American furniture design and we continue to make these chairs utilizing traditional methods, tools, and machinery. Each piece is still handmade to ensure proper construction and wood selection.


Our Most Popular Shaker Dining Chairs

Canterbury Shaker Chair Enfield Shaker Chair Enfield,CT Shaker Chair South Union Shaker Chair

S. Timberlake was founded on the making of Shaker chairs, though it was our natural progression to be curious about other chair designs beyond the complexity of the simple-appearing Shaker chair. We made some prototypes of Windsor style chairs, sat in them , but we really didn't like the hard wood seat. We made other spindle-back chairs and realized that every chair, no matter the style, has a stress point. With Windsor and other spindle back chairs that point is where the spindles attach to the upper rail, or back support, and where the spindles are inserted in the seat. Rung constructed chairs (which Shaker chairs are), if not properly constructed, may have joint failure where the rungs intersect the legs. This does not happen with S. Timberlake chairs. Our construction, like the original Shaker chairs, incorporates a time-tested, hidden joinery that will stand up to the daily demands of an active family.

Shaker Chairs Gallery

Enfield Shaker Ladderback Chair
Enfield Shaker Ladderback Chair
Enfield Shaker Ladderback Chair

Enfield Ladderback Side Chair

ITEM# ENF2X -  $305.00 (shipping included)

The Enfield chairs made at the Enfield New Hampshire Shaker Community

featured graduated back slats and a "flame" shaped finial.

Above - Stain: Cherry on maple / Shaker Tape: RedRed & Cranberry)

Below - Stain: English Chestnut on cherry (upcharge applies for cherry)

 Shaker Tape: Beige Herringbone pattern


Shaker Enfield Cherry Chairs
Enfield Shaker Ladderback Chair
Enfield Shaker Ladderback Chair
Enfield Shaker Ladderback Chair

Canterbury Ladderback Side Chair

ITEM# CAN2X -  $305.00 (shipping included)

The Canterbury chairs made at the Canterbury, New Hampshire Shaker Community also featured graduated back slats and but the finial was oblong in shape.


Shaker Canterbury Chairs
Canterbury Shaker Ladderback Chair
Canterbury Shaker Ladderback Chair
Canterbury Shaker Ladderback Chair


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