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from the drafting board The process of creating the custom furniture we build for your home usually begins with a phone call or a visit to our workshops. As soon as you start describing your project, we begin visualizing, often doodling an idea or roughing out a sketch as you speak. These sketches serve as the groundwork for the a more detailed, working shop drawing that will be the road map for your dream desk, bed, or cabinet. We often ask our customers to send or email us a sketch of their own to help us more fully realize the piece's form and function. Drawings are a simple, easy way to communicate an idea, even if it's just scratchings on a napkin. It is not surprising that some of these designs have found their place in our catalog of products. Their economy of design and functionality are considerations which appeal to us as furniture makers and they translate well to the marketplace. We have included sketches, notes, and drawings of a few of our projects here to give you a better sense of how "custom" furniture becomes an object of beauty from your spark of an idea.

Hunt Table (1982)


hunt table sketch
hunt table sketch

Cherry Armoire (1993)


amoire sketch
cherry amoire

Five & Six Drawer Dresser (1989)

We started with the customer's original concept, consulted with them about the area and the piece's ultimate use and the final design became a five drawer dresser that sits beautifully in the room and saved our customer nearly four hundred dollars!


pencil post bed
pencil post drawing
pencil post drawing

Traditional Pencil Post Bed design by Sam Timberlake,

original drawing from 1983.


Planning how to use space in a room often and what furniture to put there often comes down to, "We'll make it work." What does that mean? It means buying just any old anything and shoving it in a corner with the hope it will fit the bill until some other any old thing comes along. We cannot tell you how surprised our customers are when they consult with us and start to visualize a piece of furniture that fits the space, fits their needs, and fits their budget.

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